Concession Manager

Seeking a Concession Manager for the 2017 Season!

Job Description

Concession Manager’s job will focus on many key business functions:  manager will be in charge of inventory, staffing, training, maintaining standards, money monitoring, menu, equipment.  The concession stand has traditionally sold candy and ice cream, however we desire to offer a wider menu variety.  This is a unique opportunity for the intern or manager to make major changes and see their ideas flourish.

  • Inventory

The manager will determine which items to sell and at what price, as well as ordering/purchasing goods.  Manager will negotiate and monitor equipment leasing contracts with vendors if applicable.  Manager will track and maintain inventory.

  • Staffing

The manager will help the pool manager with staffing needs.

  • Training & Cleaning

The concession stand manager will hold training sessions and prepare procedures to guide workers about each facet of working in the stand.  Such training includes opening and closing procedures; food-preparation techniques to ensure food safety; cleaning responsibilities; cash box responsibilities; professional interaction with membership; and what to do in case of an emergency.

  • Monitoring Money

The managers will be responsible for charting sales each day and keeping track of revenues and expenses. They will give daily cash to pool manager for depositing.

Start Date

Flexible. Pool opening is May 26, 2017 – need to work before hand to get some things in place.  Full time Memorial Day weekend through mid-August.  Part time until pool closes for the season.  Weekends hours required. The ideal candidate would work part time prior to opening day.


$10 per hour for the 2017 season.


Contact AZ Board President, Joe Bookwalter, to apply.